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ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Review and Specifications, Price

You might have remembered the ROG PHONE 3. It was the battery life champion and literally has the best speaker on a mobile device. It was my gaming smartphone of the year and this close to being my overall smartphone of the year. Imagine that when ASUS came out and said we've got a ROG PHONE 5, ROG PHONE PRO, AND A ROG PHONE FIVE ULTIMATE, which I will get to I practically wet myself with excitement.


So this is how it was packaged I wouldn't say it's hugely exciting given how some of their last phones were presented but it still way above 2021 standards. It comes will a sticker pack a classic ROG style not very protective but, still stylized case, and not just a charger but a much faster charger than last year at 65 watts. It would have been very easy now for SAMSUNG and APPLE are giving one to just say we care about the environment too and then just drop it but they didn't and we've also got a pretty nice braided USB-C cable and the phone and what you're seeing right now was also the very first time that I'd seen this thing I hadn't had any leaks. I hadn't had a briefing I was going in blind, that was pretty much my first impression bearing in mind that these are the phones we came from and that this is the kind of design quality we've experienced in 2021. I was just kind of expecting a little bit more like maybe a design that took last year's further to demonstrate how it's now gotten more powerful maybe chrome accents to give it some class or maybe even just a matte finish. How much time people are going to spend gripping this thing, it's just a little plain and I don't mind playing but if that's what they were going for then there are many phones out there with better execution of this concept. Also, this whole pixel art logo on the back is configurable and it's never going to be a negative to have an option like that but I am just kind of surprised that they've still done this four generations in like I totally get having less in a PC. The fact that what proportion of time on your phone are you looking at the back and you are looking at the back isn't your hand just gonna cover it feels great. 

ROG PHONE 3 is hand-friendly and the materials are high-end. I'm just slightly disappointed by how remarkable okay it looks. Given how much of an impression some of their past phones made on market. Then I started using it and it became very clear that actually, this phone is anything but just okay. It takes the already extreme aspect of the last year's ROG PHONE 3 and it cranks that lever as far as it can possibly go with current technology. With just one important caveat so one of the first things you'll feel when you started using this [hone is that they care as well as keeping the charger while others dropped it. This still has a headphone jack with a high-end jack to support it. In a year, where it's almost a given that a flagship phone won't have that and they've put so much thought into the software like this is the setup screen complete with its own setup screen soundtrack they've got this augmented reality experience, where you can see the comic on the retail box come to life when viewed through your phone. They let you choose whether you want the crazy gamer aesthetic or something much more minimal. It is shockingly easy to find and apply themes and they completely change how the phone looks. It's probably not a coincidence how much the standby key on this phone sound like the menus in the Pokemon games like this is Pokemon. This is the ROG PHONE, point is the with this phone you're getting a device that feels like it was meticulously designed one that feels like it was made with you.


At the front and center and it is backed by a serious spec sheet a 144Hz AMOLED Gorilla Glass victus display with about twice the touch responsiveness of any other flagship but, snapdragon 888 chipsets paired with 8 to16 GIGs of fast LPDDR5 RAM and a 6000 mAMP hour battery. If early gaming phones were a house this is the entire city. But it's actually even more than the specs make it seems like take performance you might look at the fact that this has the same chip as the SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 Ultra and thing cool flagship-level performance but it's actually more than that so using the maxed-out model of bot phone. What I did was to run three back-to-back and two ANTUTU benchmarks to test not just performance but also how well performance can sustain with continued use and it turns out at least. According to this benchmark, The ROG phone ends up almost a generational leap ahead it does get externally hotter though. While the SAMSUNG was sitting at just under 40 degrees celsius this was well on its way to 50.

But I did reach out to ASUS and asked them about this and they said that was just the coding mechanism doing its job. They said that it's designed to basically take heat away from the chipset as quickly as possible. Even if that does mean it makes the outside hotter and if we then run that same test again, now using the aeroactive cooler for the ROG which let it activate an even higher performance model called X mode plus the gap gets even wider. It doesn't seem to raise the max score but after three more back-to-back and 2-2 tests. It does mean that the peak level of performance can be sustained continuously and this whole deal of getting a gaming phone with this it's about more than the just frame rate and point in benchmarks you get every feature of the ROG phone 3 everything from capacitive triggers to the game genie pull out menu to crosshair customization but compared to that phone this one takes then even further like the capacitive triggers are now even more sensitive. You can manually tune your own CPU and GPU speed. You can add advanced motion control to games that would normally be controlled using on-screen buttons. You can even invert your screen colors to potentially better-highlighted enemies. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most setting I have ever seen on a phone.

You can build your own customized dispy profile that has full control over system animation speed without getting into developer settings. You can pick which icons will show up in your status bar and that's without even touching on the ridiculously intricate performance and the battery saving profile or the ability to schedule times when your phone can switch between themes. Honestly, the point of writing this article concise we can't even cover all of them, and even if 95 percent of these features will go right over most people's heads. The point is you can hand this phone to anybody while gaming and they will notice something impressive about it. It could be how instantaneous and snappy the display feels. It could be the fact that the phone fits really well in the hands or quite possibly and quite probably the in-game audio. This audio system honestly, like I already mentioned that the ROG phone 3 had the best speaker you could get on a phone. This takes that it dials up the audio software to the next level whilst adding in 35 larger sound chambers. This sound is so good that I've had multiple occasions where I've been scrolling on the feed and I go post a video. I autoplay and I've been so taken aback by the sound coming from it that I've taken a second to soak it in and then scrolled back up and actually watched that video.

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