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Earn Money By Reading Emails Online, No investment

The world of the internet is expanding day by day and opportunity is growing rapidly. In today's era, one of the key aspects of the internet is Emails. It's not hidden how this Email service has made a great impact on our form of sharing files. We all use some kind of other email service every day like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail for our professional or personal usage. But have you ever received any money for opening and reading emails? That's right, there is a possibility of making money on the internet through a very method by which anyone can read emails and earn a good amount of money. It may sound impossible but email reading jobs are there on the internet and well suited to the peoples who are looking forward to making some significant and steady way of making money every day.

No matter which email service you are using, whether you are experienced or not, you don't need any kind of special skills to make money through email reading jobs. It is considered to be the easiest way to make money yet the most effective way where anyone can make around $200 - $300 per month without much effort. So here, we will explain to you two of the genuine website that you must refer to in order to earn money online by reading emails.

3 Mind-Blowing Website to Earn Money By Reading Emails:

1. ClicksGenie:

In click genie, you earn money from reading emails at your own peace. You earn even more by inviting your friends. Clickgenie is very easy to use with a lean & friendly interface. Apart from direct referral one can earn through multiple levels commission where you can earn more for every active referral you get up to 5 levels deep and up to 320%. 

Click Genie works in a very simple way.

  1. You register on the site by clicking here.
  2. You validate your account.
  3. You will start receiving daily emails from the advertizers.
  4. For every email, you open, click on the link in that email and stay on the advertiser's website for a predestined amount of time, you get paid. 
  5. For each email opening, you get around $0.3 - $0.5. This may vary depending on the advertiser and the user's location.

2. Volutic :

Just like Click Genie, Volutic is also a website that pays its users for reading emails. Volutic pay their users to read emails irrespective of whether they are using desktop, tablet, or mobile. Simply open emails sent by Volutic, read, click the ad, stay for a small amount of time (approx. 30 seconds), and get paid.

The advertisers buy emails newsletter, which is then sent to users and share the revenue with their users. Users get around 90% of the amount paid by advertisers. To register on Volutic, click here.

Volutic also pays its users commissions from their referral. They pay up to 6 levels down and in the following percentages.

Level 1: 100%

Level 2: 90%

Level 3: 80%

Level 4: 70%

Level 5: 60%

Level 6: 50%

Per referral users also get $1. The minimum amount for redemption is just $0.5 (i.e 50 cents). Volutic pays its users through Payeer. To register on Volutic, click here.

As the name says, it pays its users to read emails. Paid To Read Emails is an online reward community in which users can earn money for giving time and effort by reading emails, taking surveys, completing offers, referring friends, and more.  

Compared to Volutic and Clicks Genie, PTRE pays a little higher to their users. For each email reading, PTRE pays around $0.04 - $0.10 to its users. In one day, users can get around 10 - 20 emails. The minimum payout is $5. 

If you signup now, you can get a limited-time bonus of $3 after completion of your signup process. Click here, to sign up now and claim your gift.

PTRE also has a referral program, in which they pay $1 for each new referral and a total of 15% of your referral earning for completing offers, taking surveys, and shopping online.

Currently, Paid to Read Email sends commissions by PayPal, so be sure to provide your valid PayPal email ID. Apart from cash payment they, also give payment via Amazon gift card (limited time offer) a minimum of $5. Their payment takes around 3 business days to get cleared and in some international cases, it can take up to 15 days.

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