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Google Meet new update to come with an advance Q&A feature

In the recent update of Google Meet, a new Q&A feature has been included. According to Google, this  Q&A feature will enable better interaction between the host and its audience. This can be used in professional as well in schools. Students can use it to ask questions while teachers can use it to give answers to those questions. Google's Q&A feature will allow the student to ask their questions without disturbing the call or interrupting the meeting.

In a blog, Google said, "New Q&A feature will enable the professional meeting to be more exclusive. This will allow everyone to ask the questions, whether they are less talkative or more talkative or they are the ones who need more time to express their and questions. Participants can ask their questions or clear their doubts without interrupting the flow of the call."

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Firstly, the Host and the Participants have to enable the Q&A feature. Moderators have the privilege to chose which question they want to answer. Once the meeting is over, the host will receive a message containing all the submitted questions. It is worth noting down that submitting questions for the G-suit  Enterprise for education has been disabled by default. For everyone else submitting questions by default will be opened on Google Meet.

According to Google, the new feature with poles will help the participants and the host understand the real-time feedback. Both of these features will be available to G-Suit users from October 8, 2020.

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