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5 Easy ways to make money online without any special skills

Do you want to make money online? Do you want to have a passive source of income? Do you want to be financially independent? Are you a student looking for a legitimate source of income without investment to increase your pocket money? Then you are on the right page.

Today, I am going to share the top 5 ways through which I make money online without investment or without having any special skills. These 5 tricks have been my favorite and I have been using this to earn approximately ₹5,000 - ₹10,000 every month just sitting in my home.

1. Freelancing:

You must be knowing about freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. On these websites, you can be a freelancer and people give you tasks, you do work and get paid. You can earn an unlimited amount of money on these sites. The minimum amount you will be getting paid to do tasks is $5(approx. ₹380). Now you might be thinking, that I don't have any skill, then how am I suppose to do the task on these freelancing sites. 
Let me tell you one thing, you don't have to have any special skills to find work on these sites. Let's take an example, suppose someone has started a new website and need traffic on it. You can send traffic to their site and earn a good amount of money. There are many sites that give free 1000 to 2000 visitors traffic for the free version. You just have to sell this free traffic and earn money. 
Fiverr Earning Proof
Recently, I myself made $126 in about 15 days on Fiverr by selling website traffic, and believe me all those traffic were of no cost. I got those traffic from the free version of many websites and just sold this traffic on Fiverr.

2. Become a Data Entry operator:

Data entry jobs are simple and easy for beginners to start their career and earn a decent amount of money. As a Data entry operator, your job will be like typing a piece of content in the spreadsheet, transcribing PDF, or JPEG files into Microsoft Word. The Data Entry Job scope is endless. There is no limit to earning money. You're earning completely depends on the amount of work you deliver and the time is taken to complete the work. 
Based on the relative ease of the job, your starting earning as a data entry operator can be $3 - $4 per hour. However, as your skills and reputation in this field increases, your earning will also increase.

Data entry Earning proof
You can easily find the data entry jobs online through job portals like Naukri.com, Shine.com, etc. Many people earn about $10 - $20 per hour working as a data entry operator and make a lot of money each month.

3. Open a digital store:

Selling products online is one of the best ways to make money online without investment. Yes, you read it right. You can make money selling stuff online without investing money. There are many websites that offer pre-made eCommerce website service where you don't have to make money but just have to insert the products and price of the product. Some of these websites even take responsibility for delivering the product to the customer. 
I myself earned ₹8,000 using meesho
Now, you must be thinking that from where do you get products to sell. Well, you must have heard about the reselling business. One of the most famous reselling websites is meesho.com. Meesho gives people a platform from where people can get products and sell those products to earn some commission. Meesho also takes responsibility for delivering the product to the customer's address. So, you just have to focus on selling the product. The more product you sell the more you get a commission, the higher will be your earning.

4. Playing Games:

Have you ever heard the name of Mortal, Dynamo, Viper, etc? These are some of the famous YouTubers who earned name and fame by playing games. They play games like any other ordinary person, but they also do a stream of that gameplay or sometimes upload the gameplay recording on YouTube. YouTube has a feature of monetizing the video and earn money. Well, if you are also a good gamer and play some famous games like COD, FreeFire, Among Us, etc. then you should also start streaming on YouTube. 
YouTube monetizing is not the only source of income, they also ask for money donation to support the gamer as there is not so much earning through ads monetization.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

Starting an affiliate marketing is similar to starting a retail shop. You signup with retailers like Amazon and Flipkart to promote your favorite product on your website or on your social media to make some money. 
I am discussing affiliate marketing as a separate option because it can fit with any kind of online business, in some scenarios people don’t even own a website but make money through Affiliate marketing.
I simply added a list of some of my favorite books on Amazon along with an affiliated link to buy, so that interested buyers can buy directly through my site.
Three people bought three different books on the same day and I earned a small commission over it. 

Now, if you are thinking that you don't have a website, you can't do affiliate marketing then you are wrong. You can do affiliate marketing using social media. Affiliate marketing is all about enabling peoples to buy products from your link in order to earn money. If you have a large number of followers on social media or you are in a social group where you think people are gonna like products you are thinking of sharing then it is the best place for you to start affiliating.
Many times sites like Amazon and Flipkart ask you to give proof that you have a place where you can promote your affiliate link before having an affiliate account. For this, you can use an app called "EarnKaro". 
EarnKaro enables you to have many kinds of products from many eCommerce sites and it's completely free to make an account on EarnKaro. EarnKaro is one place for all affiliate products. It gives you the link which is your affiliate link for the product and when someone shop using that link you earn a commission.  
Earning through affiliate marketing is infinite. One can make uncountable money through it and will also keep on getting recurring money after then. 

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