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Zoom app now let you pin and spotlight multiple videos during calls

 On Wednesday, Zoom which has become one of the most popular video meeting services added new features for the differently-abled people aimed at improving its usage accessibility.

Zoom app now lets you pin and spotlight multiple videos during calls

During the latest update, the video conferencing app Zoom has added some new accessibility features for its Android users that will make the video conferencing app easier to use for individuals who are deaf or who have visual impairments.

According to the reports by Mashable and USA Today, users who are part of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community can now pin and spotlight multiple video screens at a time, to keep someone who is signing alongside the speaker and are always in view. This will let the sign language interpretations to pin the interpreter's video during the meeting and give the ability to drag and drop the video windows around in Zoom's Gallery View.

On the other hand, the meeting host can also choose multiple videos for all users, up to nine different videos visible to the audience at the same time. These changes were implemented so that each and everyone can live and work at the digital platform, especially during these kinds of pandemic days.

With the update, the sign language interpreter can be found next to the speaker. For pinning these windows, firstly the host needs to give permission for you to select them.

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Zoom has released this new update on the Internation Day of Sign Language to give the Sign language interpreter's the same experience a normal person is getting. The video conferencing service is free for everyone but has a 40-minute time limit on meeting length for free users. However, the premium account host's meeting can run much longer. The premium cost starts at a rate of $149 per year.

Talking about other updates the Zoom app's Gallery view is also getting a small update, where the users can now rearrange the position of each video rather than having them load in an automated order. Again, the main idea is to make it easier to keep certain video streaming as prominent as required.

Zoom's transition options let the user designate a transcriber on the call or integrate with a third-party transcription service.

Zoom has also changed the app's keyboard shortcut and improved its screen reader interface. Both of these changes may allow individuals with visual impairments to navigate the app more smoothly.

Rival meeting platforms like Google Meet and Cisco Webex also offer transcripts features. Google Meet has a live transcript button but doesn't allow to save them, while the Cisco Webex does have caption features that can be saved. 

Zoom has all the features, along with keyboard shortcuts, listed in the accessibility section.

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