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First look of new 5G Phone of Nokia 8.3: Video and Photo Shoot of James Bond's Phone


Finland mobile tech giant  NOKIA today on YouTube releases two new videos for their brand new 2020 affordable flagship phone named Nokia 8.3 5G. In the two videos, the first video has a new James Bond and Nokia 8.3 5G promo, while the second video is the backstage photoshoot of the Nokia 8.3 5G phone with agen Nomi, role played by British Lashana Lynch. The Nokia 8.3 is gonna be 5G enabled phone.

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The promo video clearly shows the new agent with Nokia 8.3. The new 00 agent uses the Nokia 8.3 and Google Asistant to use the phone's features like to search images, use Google Maps, and make phone calls. The 5G logo is easily noticeable on the device's status bar and the phone has got a very good looks. In response to the question "Is the connection secured?" (Used by many secret agents to find whether not there is someone listening to there conversation) - the answer - "It's a Nokia Phone" did make a chuckle a bit and overall it is an ok commercial. According to some comments pointed out, it is ironic that a British spy uses the Google services knowing Google's reputation for privacy, but this is a movie after all.


The other video shows what happened behind the photoshoot between content creator Ben Maclean and James Bond's Lashana Lynch did with the help of the Nokia 8.3 5G. This Nokia phone is said to have a tagline line which says "the only gadget you'll ever need" and the phone features four cameras with 64MP, 4K filming and ZEISS cinematic film effects.

Nokia 8.3 5G Phone Photo Shoot
Phot Credit: Ben Maclean/Nokia

Today only, the first review of the Nokia 8.3 5G were published, revealing the device is ready to hit the market, and Nokia Mobile markets it as a Bond phone, which is a good promo message for the broader public. Today at 16:00 BST, Nokia Mobile will host a launch event where we might learn more about Nokia 8.3's final sale start date, Bond collaboration and see new devices.

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