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Samsung on fire, Chinese smartphone companies deteriorate

Samsung is giving a tough competition to the Chinese smartphone brands. The company has become the second-largest company in the country by adopting a superb strategy during the COVID-19 lockdown. At the same time, in the meantime, Samsung has also made it clear from its 7 new smartphone launch that is on the way to becoming the number 1 brand in the country again.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G camera view (Pic via Google Image)

Samsung is taking full advantage of the anti-China sentiments of the Indian users. The company has recently launched several budget smartphone to compete with the Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi. Samsung is trying to take full advantage of the anti-China sentiments of the India Consumers to once again become the number 1 smartphone company in the country. For this, the company is rapidly launching new smartphones. At the same time, Samsung also got a lot of help in overtaking the Chinese smartphone company amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition launched by Samsung last month

A tough competition for the Chinese brands
Samsung is the only non-Chinese company giving tough competition to Chinese Smartphone brands. The Indian user's anger towards China is at the peak, and with increasing boycott china's movement, the Samsung has successfully acquired the second position in the market in terms of the smartphone with a total of 26 percent market share in the second quarter of the year. According to a data, Xiaomi had a total of 29 percent market share in the second quarter.

Samsung gains in-house supply chain
Samsung's biggest advantage was in the lockdown. During this time, while Chinese companies were struggling with supply and delivery due to the Coronavirus lockdown, at the same time, Samsung kept away from the problem of product delay due to its excellent in-house supply chain.

Previously, Samsung was at number three in the last quarter. Samsung was at ny=umber 3 with a total of 16 percent market share in the previous quarter. At some time Samsung use to rule the smartphone market in India, but in the last few years, it was lagging behind in tough competition with the Chinese brands. However, now the company has strengthened its every segment, becoming the second-largest smartphone company in the country.

According to Counterpoint Research, India's second-largest market, Samsung's annual retail smartphone revenue in India at present is around 7.5 billion. This data shows that India is the second-largest market for Samsung devices after America.

Samsung's biggest feature is that it sources many components internally. Due to this, the company benefits greatly in the COVID-19 lockdown. At the same time, Chinese brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo have had to deal with the problem of production delay, supply delay, and production problem between the COVID-19 lockdown.

Samsung is launching the Smartphone at a very fast pace
Samsung is looking very fast nowadays regarding the production and launching of the new smartphones and news= features, Recently Samsung has also introduced the Home Demo Service for its devices where the consumers can order Demo Samsung devices from their home, try them, and also purchase them from home.
From June 2020 till now the Samsung has launched a total of 7 new smartphones into the Indian market and the prices of three Samsung smartphones are less than Rs. 10,000.

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