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8 Myths about 5G technology everyone should know

What are the 8 myths about 5G technology you should know?

Following are some of the myths about the 5G technology that we should know:

1. 5G will cause cancer:

In short, 5G is no different from 4G or 3G except its frequency and wavelength. The frequency band of 5G is 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz. The frequency band of 4G is from 2GHz to 8GHz. The frequency band of 3G is from 1.8GHz to 2GHz.

a. With network generation, the frequency increases thereby bandwidth increases. The big misconception is that the frequency bands will cause cancer.

b. But the truth is quite the opposite. The frequency range of the visible light is 400-800THz. (GHz- 10 power 9 Hz) and THz (THz- 10 power 12Hz). The frequency range of the visible light is higher than the 4G frequency.
c. Then, is the visible light dangerous to humans? The fact is - As the frequency of the wave increases the power of that wave decreases. The same is the case with the 5G. In fact, 5G is so weak that even rain can cause a disconnectivity issue.

2. 5G increases the speed of the smartphone:

This is another misconception about 5G because the telecom industry marketing is in such a way that one who does not have the relevant knowledge in this field can get confuse.

a. In short, 5G is just expanding the usage of the present 4G frequency bands. With 5G surely the data rate increases but not the CPU performance of the smartphones.

3. 5G can be weaponized:

As said, 5G Technology is no different from 4G or 3G or any other generation except for the response time. If at all this is true then even the 3G or 4G can be weaponized.

a. Weaponizing is not a thing at all in this case, as we know 5G radiation is very weak.

b. So weaponization cannot happen? That is false. We can weaponize waves which are used in military operations. US military calls it ADS (Active Denial System).

c. Long exposure to these waves can cause cancer and these waves are strong enough to push a person from his place. %g is far away from being these waves because it will not be allowed to operate at that frequency.

4. 5G causes Corona Virus infection:

This is an absurdity. Studies clearly show that this infection spread through humans and viruses spread into the human community due to animal eating. 

5. 5G will replace 4G:

From the simplicity of the notation, we tend to say that 5G is everything and it will replace the generation networks. This is again a myth because the trend never followed this. When 4G arrived it didn't entirely replace 3G or 2G until some time.

a. The same is true for 5G. It takes time to replace the older generation network because 5G demands change in hardware specifications. People with 4G devices should upgrade and it takes time.

b. Another parameter is 5G itself. As we know the strength of the 5G is low (except the frequency band that is just higher than 4G).

c. So the network providers should bring innovation in the hardware whose antennas can serve a long distance. it takes time, a lot of time.

6. 5G is all about download speed:

This is right but the notation is wrong. 5G has a huge bandwidth compared to 4G,  which results in low latency i.e. high response time, which results in high download speed. So it is about latency.

7. 5G replaces broadbands:

As expected even this is false. Guess why? Simple, Strength, 5G waves cannot penetrate walls. Experts say that even rain can cause issues.

8. No latency issue while gaming due to 5G:

Do you know what is the maximum download speed of 4G? It is 1Gbps but did we ever encounter that download speed? No, typical download speed ranges between 2- 100Mbps.

a. What is the maximum download speed of 5G? It is 10 Gbps. Then what will be typical download speed i.e. the speed which network provider ranges? Maybe, 200-300Mbps or a maximum of 1Gbps.

b. Even this is quite fast but latency issues may occur one's in a while due to so many reasons like Network coverage, Weather, etc.

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