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Run Vodafone Idea number without installing a SIM card, this is how eSIM service will be available

If you want to use Vodafone Idea number without putting a SIM card in your phone, then this service is available to users in India. The Vodafone Idea is offering an eSIM offshoot to the postdep customs. However, this service will only work with some devices and is being offered in some circles.

Vodafone Idea eSIM

New Delhi

If you feel that it is necessary to use a SIM card to use a number on the phone, then you are wrong. Many companies across the world are offering eSIM service to their users. With the help of this service, the number can be used in the phone without installing a physical SIM card. Vodafone Idea has also brought this service for postpaid users in India. However, Vodafone-Idea number can be used in some devices only with the help of this eSim.

Apart from announcing eSIM services on behalf of the company, it has been told which devices will work with. The new service will work on Apple devices iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE, iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Vodafone Idea said that soon Samsung Galaxy ZFlip and Galaxy Fold devices will also be supported.

Available in some circles is not available in all circles and currently, postpaid users in Mumbai, Delhi, and Gujrat can benefit from it. Actually, in hight-end devices,e-SIM works as an integrated SIM chip. Ther is no need to install a separate SIM card in the phone for this. In this way, users without any SIM card in the phone will be able to access calls, SMS and mobile data from Vodafone-Idea numbers.

eSIM service will be available 

- To link the email ID to your number, users have to send an SMS to 199 by writing 'eSIM email ID'.
- After this, the email ID will be registered, and to take eSIM service, you have to write ESIMY and send it in confirmation SMS 199.
After this, after the confirmation SMS arrives, you will have to give a confirmation for eSIM on the call.
- When this happens, a QR code will be sent to the registered email ID.

Now after going to Mobile data and Add Data plan from the settings of your device, you will get the option to scan the code.
- After scanning the code on the email, you have to follow the instruction on the screen. 
- During this time the phone must be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data and your eSIM will be setup.

Let us know, part from this, if you want to become a new Vodafone customer, then you can also demand eSIM service for your smartphone by visiting any Vodafone store. 

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