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Beware: This is the new WhatsApp scam

WhatsApp users must brace themselves against a new malicious link that is taking the rounds at the moment.
As reported by The Next Web first, Reddit user u/yuexist reported a suspicious link that is being shared through WhatsApp among other social media platforms that tricks users into installing malware in their systems.
According to the Reddit user, the link promises users with the option of installing WhatsApp in different colours. After clicking on the link, the user is asked to share the site with his/her friends in order to get themselves verified. After this is done, the friends receive a message that reads, “I love the new colours for WhatsApp,” along with the fake URL.
Most fake URLs, just like the one circulating on the social media platforms right now, consist of letters from the Cyrillic alphabet. This helps users to identify the malicious messages if observed carefully.
As noted by The Independent, WhatsApp’s growing popularity in Europe and India has meant it has gained scammers attention in recent months. The chatting-app is available in over 50 different languages around the world and in 10 different languages in India itself.

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